life changes in an instant

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Its only been a few months and so much has changed, I am working in real estate and have made 2 sales in my first 3 months – that includes the 2 weeks off for Easter, not having a computer for the first 3 weeks, and doing a course for a week as well…

I have lost like… over 6 kg and my jeans are too big for me 🙂 yay me!

My band is coming along nicely and i think it will become the centrepoint of this blog.. the niche if you will. in fact, music is my darling. Just a few weeks ago i bought myself an incredible new bass amplifier – my first pro rig!

I play bass in Breathe In. Breathe Out. we’re just getting started… hardcore punk rock, influenced by rise against, against me! hot water music.. etc. we’re a 5 piece, after i met Mark the other night.

I met mark at the Phoenix, just started chatting, finding out we had more in common than i could have ever wished. he’s at work now and i wish he was here with me. A man who adores me AND plays awesome guitar 🙂 fabbo

My second project is what i’m calling Cherry Riot Five… orrr heck i don’t know.. i like long band names! cherry… riot… rock… devil…   basically, i want to sing in a bluesy/dirty/jazz fashion and just have some fun as the front woman in a rock band…

My voice needs work… my bass playing is technically good but my rhythm needs work – more time with a metronome. Luckily i have a man who plays music so we jam pretty often which is nice. Also, i take lessons once a week with Independent Music Academy.

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my boss is a wanker

i quit my job just 3 quarters of an hour ago!

the boss (lets call him paul – that being his real name) likes to delude himself into thinking he is a super-hero of the cafe world – in actual fact he doesnt drink coffee and couldnt organise his way out of a paper bag

lets get all the facts here

the man is in REAL ESTATE and thinks “oh it would be fun to run a cafe” so he buys a failing cafe – that has no frikken staff

so he employs me – experienced barista and waitress (i have in fact run my own cafe and managed others) to make coffee yup that is all

in the kitchen a young obese srilankan-australian with a foul mouth and an even fouler mind makes mediocre food which paul constantly picks on and a constant stream of swearing eminates from around the stove

before i got there the coffee was pre-ground hours in advance – no one knew how to clean the grinder – apparently i was the first person to do that

for the first week we didnt have enough coffee so the brilliant owner decides we buy it from the convenience store (at around $4 a litre) until we get a delivery (a week later) then when we run out of full fat we just use skim

all the while i am getting forcibly told how to clean the coffee machine and to pre-grind because apparently watching the grinder takes too much time (yes all this by someone who doesnt drink coffee)

so last night i covered my friend Ash’s shift so he could go home and see his wife and newborn son (he has worked so much he almost forgot what they looked like)

with some 10 tables and 2 floor staff it was a nightmare – not because it was busy but because it left us waaaay open for nit picking

“set that table” he says pointing his index finger to a half set table
“we don’t have enough cutlery to set all the tables” i state matter-of-factly
“so use the cutlery from some other table” i roll my eyes behind his back and take the cutlery form another table and move it over

“hey paul this candle is stuffed can i get another” i ask
“no there is nothing wrong with it” he lights the candle and the wick takes
“just leave it here and don’t touch it and it’ll burn down” 2 minutes later the tealight candle is dead again

i walk out onto the floor and pick up some used dishes which have been stacked by the customer and as i walk up to the pass a lone fork crashes to the floor
“if you can’t carry the dishes take more trips” he points out obviously in front of about 5 onlookers
i walk into the kitchen fuming and say “please don’t berate me infront of customers”
“they arent customers they are friends”
“i don’t care if you have a problem tell me in private not in front of the public” i say blushing
“if you have a problem take it up with me after”

*just relating that story makes me annoyed*

meanwhile i can carry about 12 dinner plates without a worry- IT WAS JUST A FUCKING FORK

aaaahhh this afternoon i was making a group of about 6 coffees and as i was making them i head ” can you fill up those water jugs” and i nod sure whatever
as i finish making the coffees i fill up the jugs and start putting away the glasses and cups that have come out of the sink
“GO finish making up the menu’s” he says
“how many things do you want me to do at once” i say pleading
“you want me to make coffee AND keep the water jugs always full AND take the rubbish out AND put away the glasses AND do the menu’s AND deliver drinks and food to table AND keep the area clean – i’m doing the best i can!”
“stop giving yourself extra jobs and just make the menu’s”

seriously this guy is such a wanker because you know as soon as i go up and start putting the menu’s together he cracks a shit becuase the cups werent put away

so ash and i talk about mutiny on the bounty and after the final insult i decide i have to go

” look – dont roster me on anymore. the micro managing is driving me crazy. i like you as a person but as a boss you are driving me nuts. ” i said with a flutter in my stomach and an attempt at a serious expression whilst meaning to say “you are the worst fucking employer i have ever had to deal with”

Paul looks slightly pained
“i see where this is going” the acne on his adult forehead reddens
“and in reality i’m going to give you some constructive critisism” his eyes go all crazy like and he takes a sip of water
“you’re too absorbed in your job and you’re spending too much time making coffee” i actually managed a half smile
“sure” i say “go on”
“and i’m sure ash will attest that we have had many complaints about your coffee”
i must have had a look of shock on my face because he wouldnt know good coffee if it smaked him in the face
“so you’ll have no problem if i take my shit and go then” i say with a smile
“no worries”

the funniest part of the whole situation is that he is now down to 1 person on the floor who hates his guts and doesn’t want to work there another second and its 2 days before new years

i actually took on board what he said and asked ash about the coffee – he shook his head and said i was the best barista they have had there because i take pride in my work and actually know what i’m talking about

its amazing that what paul said washed right over me – i really don’t care what he thinks because he’s clearly just a mental wanker!


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i won 2 tickets in the ballot for the big day out

haven’t a clue who i would or could or should take with me


this is why i really should be “dating”

sean came in today and i swear he is flirty

but he told my boss that the coffee i made him was too weak (i agree it was underextracted boo boo on my behalf but the boss likes to continually fill the grind chamber and doesnt want me to toss it out go figure ) so anyways THAT made me upset and then on the way out he tells me it was too hot! (it fucken is NOT too hot) and THEN he says “see you later beautiful”

talk about mixed signals

doesnt like my coffee then calls me names!

okay so i was flattered but annoyed about the coffee thing

so back to the big day out – i have paid for 2 of the tickets and have 5 days to decide if i want 2 more

the strange thing is – i am rather self assured but i don’t have much self confidence orrrr whatever else is needed to go out with guys
i haven’t been on a date since june
i’m 26 and i’m not a whale – i don’t have a face like a half sucked mango and yet NADA i do wonder if maybe i have some hard core nasty personality but i get along with the people i work with. hmm

that being said this guy sean is the first guy i have met and actually talked to in a long while who i am actually attracted to. he’s very masculine and sexy and strong and all those good things.

who oh who will i take to the big day out

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the new girl

i had a wicked good day at work today except for the nagging sore throat – made a few dollars in tips and bought some lozenges at the pharmacy
we had a new girl in who is switched on – so pretty it hurts damn it – but not really vivacious or outgoing with the customers
mum came by after lunch and i sat with her for a while because we were dead quiet and she told me about a property that she is interested in in lismore – its 230k which i think is a bit high but it is a stones throw from a university and a high school AND a hospital so its got the location right
also decided that we’re both going to do the sales certificate next month
cooool cool
my head hurts real bad

talked to TP about the band last night and we’re getting ready to rock – going to be playing the clash and sex pistols, dead kennedys, buzzcocks, and of course the ramones
*yay* supposedly it pays $200 a show which will be neat-o

the gym has been a no-go since monday night, lets see my excuses are:
tuesday: went on monday
wednesday: finished work too late
thursday: sick

hopefully tomorrow will be better

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sore feet and dirty fingers

10 hour days will kick your ass in a quick fashion
but i’ve been quite enjoying making coffee all day everyday and getting plenty of props for doing a damn fine job of it

a woman came in today and we started talking about real estate and she all but offered me a job as an assistant to one of the top sales people in her company so hopefully that will turn out well! she thinks i have the perfect personality to makea go of the real estate world – bubbly and friendly
i’ve been making a conscious effort to be effervesent and charming – being agreeable and not picking arguments in places where i normally would and of course being focused on each conversation i have and each person i talk to – its been working for me so far! haha! got them all fooled!

my feet hurt more that the time when i walked on coals

uhhhmmmm in other news the manager at work (lets call him Lou) well anyways his brother in law came in yesterday and we had a looong chat and he was veryfriendly and i was quite pleased with that because he is very hunky AND when i told my manager my thoughts on the subject he said ” and he’s single too” so hmmmm *g* AND he just happens to be the cousin of the singer in my latest musical project

too good to be true
or too close for comfort

i’m so frikken hungry – all i’ve had since 7am is coffee and no shit a designer lettuce leaf – what the chef calls a salad haha okay it had a piece of yummy bread with it but there wasn’t much to it

i need aboyfriend who can cook

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